Train your brain and improve your cognitive abilities while playing games
Stay focused when you need it
At work or at home, studying or playing
Keep calm whatever happens
Alleviate your symptoms of stress
Get a healthier sleep
Without any pills
Rid off your bad addictions
Try to fight smoking in a new way
Tune your inner reaction to external things. Change your mood
Download the app, pair your neurodevice, start practicing while playing in order to get into the desired state of mind. Play different games with the power of your mind and enjoy. Neurofeedback will do the rest.
Original neurofeedback
Scientifically proven results for relaxation, concentration, sleep health and psychology phenomenas
Alleviating stress symptoms
in 132 cases, 90% of patients reported improvement in their condition on the scale of stress intensity, the frequency of symptoms occurrence and their duration
of concentration

The use of neurofeedback for the development of concentration also showed an improvement in working productivity and physical characteristics. Significant increase (mean of 9 points) on the K-Bit IQ Composite!
Cognitive performance improvement
Eleven of the fourteen subjects showed significant training success. The enhancement of cognitive performance was significantly larger for the neurofeedback group than for a control group who did not receive feedback.
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