Create cost-effective campaigns instantly, upload your videos and get insight from EEG data within a couple of hours with samples of hundreds of people
Want some free research?
Try first, and find out how our tool will benefit you and your sales
Know how people react to your videos within hours
What for do I need neuromarketing?
To increase sales, obviously! The goal of your marketing campaign is to encourage people to buy your product - we help you to understand if your video is good enough for this purpose.
What insights will I get with this tool?
You'll get levels of attention, emotional response, content memorization rate. All along with the chronology of your video, within your dashboard on our platform
How much does it cost?
Normal agencies take thousands of dollars for research. We take a few $ per view, and provide you a tool to look at a convergence of results depending on the number of data sets.
How it works?
Neuro device user gets notification when new video is available for research. It takes a few minutes for him to check it, meanwhile we're collecting data from his brainwaves via EEG. Once he's done, he'll receive a $, and you'll get your insights on your video.
Want to make some $ with your neuro device?
We bet you don't use your neuro device more than once a week. Mostly, it's just occupying space on your shelf. Make it make money for you!
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