For companies
App, platform and mindfulness
Is it costly?
No, if you compare it to the benefits your company will get with us - increased productivity and reduced stress level can leverage your gross profits.
Are there any health restrictions for participating employees?
No. Everybody can join (neurofeedback is about measuring, it's not related to the transcranial stimulation) .
Do you train how to use the app and platform?
We recommend you to take a training session first with a mindfulness trainer certified by TuSion, so you'll get the basics faster. However, you can start using the platform immediately once received the neuro devices.
Do we need to buy neuro devices?
No. We'll supply you with neuro devices, as much as you need.
Do you have a trial period?
Yes! We welcome you to make a consious decision of purchase, but you will have to buy neuro devices by yourself. In rare cases we can supply you with them during the trial period with limited ammounts of our own devices for free.
How much time does it take to see the first results?
2 weeks of continous training for 15 minutes per day.
For regular users
How it works?
Neuro device measures your brain activity and send the signal to your mobile device. You can train your brain by changing your brain waves. The sweet point, you're doing this by playing games!
How much is your app?
$0 - the app with basic functionality is for free now. Paid features will be introduced soon.
Can my kids us it?
Yes! There are no limitations by age.
Which neuro devices do you support?
NeuroSky, BrainLink, Mindlink. Muse and Emotiv are coming soon.
Where can I buy neuro devices?
You can buy them on our site (and get lifetime subscription with an enormous discount). Or check Amazon.