There are many neurodevices, with their own advantages. Send us a note, and we'll help you to make a right choice for your needs.
BrainLink Lite
  • Extended attention time
  • Suitable For Children(3-15 years old), Yoga, Meditation, White-collar workers, Poor self-control, big psychological pressure
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, EEG / EMG SHIELD / GROUND 3 Gold-plated collection sensor, a closed calibration circuit, accurate collection and processing brainwaves, FCC & CE & ROHS certification to ensure the safe use Brainlink
  • Size: 2.46feet.Buckle design can be freely adjustable size for a variety of head type
NeuroSky MindWave Headset
  • Measurements: Raw signal,Neuroscience defined EEG power spectrum (Alpha, Beta, etc.), eSense meter for Attention,eSense meter for Meditation,eSense Blink Detection,On-head detection.
  • Support platforms: PC/MAC, apps for Android/iOS
  • 8 hours battery run time
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